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Ethnovog’s Commitment to Social Responsibility and Sustainable Fashion

708 ViewsIn recent years, there has been a growing concern for planetary well-being due to the increased level of global warming. Consequently, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. From using non-renewable resources to exploiting workers, the industry has been criticized for its unsustainable practices. As …

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1,354 ViewsIndo-western fashion is a celebration of Indian and Western culture. With a growing interest in western fashion styles and an already established affinity for ethnic outfits, the fashion industry has increasingly turned to spawn new fits in Indo-western style. These outfits raise the bar in not just the overall style, but also in the …



1,799 ViewsThe evolution of our lifestyle necessitates changes in both our clothing and our way of life. Indo Western outfits have gained popularity by fusing the tastes of Millennials and Gen-Z and meeting the requirements of various events and situations like festivals, weddings, parties, the workplace, etc. These outfits adopt the latest fashion trends from …

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1,966 ViewsTOP 5 MUST-HAVE INDO-WESTERN DRESSES Fashion Always Keeps Women Addicted. Innovative Styles Add Up A Twist To The Outfit. Fashionistas Who Love To Dress Up Can’t Resist Themselves From Keeping On Experimenting With Their Style Of Dressing. The Mix Of Fusion In Indian Dresses Is Called Indo-western. This Can Be Done By Anyone With …

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Celebrity’s Cannes-Inspired Dresses For That Shy Girl

Celebrity’s Cannes-inspired dresses

1,444 ViewsOn its 75th edition, the Cannes film festival showed up by a bunch of Indian celebrities who appeared to be stunning in their attires. We have observed many fashion moments with top Bollywood stars on the Cannes red carpet. Every year, the celebrity presence will be the highlight of the event. Similarly, even this …

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Wedding Guest 0utfits 2022 – The Most Voguish Ideas.

wedding guest

1,696 ViewsHurray! Yet another set of the wedding ceremony is down the line. Aren’t you excited for the wedding season that has started and you have to choose an entire set of wedding outfits to decide on what dresses to wear at a wedding and what would look good on you? One of the important …

Wedding Fantasy

Flower Girls Dresses in Adorable Fashion – Wedding Styles

Flower girls dresses in adorable fashion

2,470 ViewsOwing to the growing popularity, the new trend emerging when it comes to flower girls: colored flower girl dresses. It started popping up here and there in western countries, then more and more brides started asking us for dresses to match their flower girls to their bridesmaids rather than wearing any traditional attires, we …