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Meet Me at the Hall of Fashion

Meet Me at the Hall of Fashion

“Being a Girl from City of Oranges (Nagpur) has made my life and designs a harmonious blend of colors. I believe life is colorful because of two things, one, your family and friends and the other stylish and color filled wardrobe”, says Ana, a 29-year-old whose designs and chirpiness have won hearts. Her designs selling faster than hotcakes and fan followers increasing every single day, she is getting quite some name as the Top Fashion Designer.

“I started my fashion career when I was in college pursuing Masters in Fashion Designing. That was the turning point of my life. Based on my portfolio I got an offer from my faculty to work as an intern for the one and only Shruti Sancheti. She was the one person who I will forever be thankful, for she was the one who taught me to believe in my design and has been my inspiration to work better at every step. Her style of work was what left me stupefied. She has been one of the most popular and my personal favorite designer in today’s date. My career as an assistant fashion designer under her helped me create new designs alongside her and was able to help in many fashion weeks.” is what she says was her turning point in life.

Her obsession with fashion just didn’t start the day she met Mrs. Sancheti, it started since she was a kid and quite uniquely she wasn’t that kid who used to drape her mummy’s saree but she was one of those kids who loved letting others shine. She styled her mother’s saree so that she could make her look more stylish and put together. This was the start of Ana, The Designer. “When I was a kid my mannequins were my Barbie dolls and my tailor was my Grandmother. I used to collect swatches of clothing from my Mom’s worn out Sarees and ask my Grandmother to stitch it up. It was them who supported me at every single step of my decision to become a fashion designer.” is the best childhood memory of this designer.

This was the budding designer had to say when asked on what were the difficulties she faced “There is no success without a few difficulties although I never faced major problems like others thanks to my husband and my family. It was difficult for me to pursue my dream of being a fashion designer without leaving the confines of the city Nagpur. I wanted to explore and go to places where I could get more experience and inspiration but my family was quite skeptical about it”.
Ana Ethnovogue Collection

When asked what secret would she pass on to her followers this is what she answered,“The first one would be that you can get inspired by anything in your life. Our day to day life can inspire us to create something stunning so always look for inspiration. Second would be to not be afraid to draw upon your own life experiences. Do it in a way that it can become your passion, a goal to achieve and a dream to seize because for me one of the quickest ways to find something universal is to start with something very personal; especially with drawing and immersing myself in clothes( fabrics). My third secret mantra is to have a strong vision as this is the key to success. Know what you want and how to communicate it to the people you are working with. The more clarity you have in your work, the better the results. My fourth and final golden rule is to stick to what you believe in. There’s no magic bullet to success but it is hope and belief that will help you get where you want to be.”

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