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The Journey of a dream of turning imagination into creation!

The Journey of a dream of turning imagination into creation!

Surrounded by a number of designs, fabrics, and colors Dolly Bhorwani, a 27 years old fashion designer reveals about her life as a designer. Her life started in Rajkot, Gujarat where she first recognized her love for fashion. She remembers how she first came across fashion in her childhood, “A few glances into the fashion magazine that my Aunt owned and some piece of clothing from my wardrobe is where my life as a designer started”. She always believed that the technical world of engineering and medicine was not for her. Her strong point always lied in the creative field for she was always drawn towards drawing, sketching and crafts.

Dolly Bhorwani

Investing five years in learning fashion designing, Dolly recalls her favorite memories of her college days. “Assignments after assignments filled my days of college but it is the thing that I cherished the most was when my friends and I discussed the detailing of structure, fabric and embellished work. I think I learned the most from my peers. I believe that learning is a continuous process and hence I still learn a lot from my colleagues. It is by working for Ethovogue that I enhanced my skills for sketching, processing sample and matching fabrics and trims. Communicating with customers and delivering what they desire is one thing that I have learned a lot about.

“There is always an age where we grow up and share clothes with our mothers. Even I had that phase. Let us just say that my mom was not very happy with that. I wore her ethnic outfits and she picked from my western clothes filled wardrobe but it didn’t end there because me being me, I started giving her fashion tips that she accepted and well sometimes my mom gave better tips on styling, so it kind of inspired me to be a better designer” she says laughing at the precious goofy memories that she shared with her mother.

EthnoVogue Collection

When asked where she draws inspiration from, she said that anything that touches her heart is what inspires her but her personal favorite is the color that you see during dawn & dusk especially the fresh colors of the morning sky and the magical look of stars. “I get inspired by a lot of designers but my top favorites are Rahul Mishra who plays around with modern cuts, designs and color combinations; Sabyasachi, for his earthy colors and traditional compositions and Manish Arora, who blows my mind with his quirky contradictions,” says this young designer.

When asked about her success mantra, all that Dolly had to say was “Creativity is something that freely flows so never limit it and this is what I would like to tell everyone who wishes to pursue fashion designing or any creative field for that matter. She recalls how a lot of people had this misconception that designer just sit and suddenly they get an avant-garde design in their mind which leads to a ramp walked filled to striking designs and I was like, ‘I wish it was that easy’. People never saw the process of creating a dress, if they did, then they wouldn’t just think that we simply sketch something and then get it done”. When asked what’s her secret success rules as a fashion designer is, a grin and the words,“I follow the SFDD format. Well, it stands for See Feel Dream Design. This is the format I work even at Ethnovogue and this is the reason that I create outfits for EthnoVogue that are liked by many”. If you are not her fan already, go check out her collection

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