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Everything is a story so is my Life!

Everything is a story so is my Life

Lia Lincy
“My life, my design, my name, everything has a story”, says Lia Lincy with a faraway look. Born in Thiruvananthapuram in her mother’s town and raised in Nagercoil she grew up with two cultures, language, and tradition. Her designs portray the same.
Her obsession with fashion designing started when she was in 8th grade. One look at a lingerie fashion show and she was hooked. “People watched Tv with popcorn while I watched it with a notebook and pencil. I used to be fascinated by the idea of people putting so much time and energy into one small piece of innerwear. I always saw an old man with white hair drawing sketches when it could be done easily with other technologies. I learned two things from this, one that a sketchbook and pencil is every designer’s best friend regardless of the latest technological advancements and other thing being that the old man with white hair was the fashion world’s king, Karl Lagerfeld”.

She learns and takes inspiration from two fashion designers/ illustrators, Hayden Williams and Paul Keng. They taught her how simple detailing could change the whole outlook of outfits. While Hayden adds details like hairstyle and makeup, Paul Keng adds the detailed look of the fabric, something that is quite necessary for every designer out there.

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Her love of fashion never left her even after her parents had convinced her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. While her hand completed the problems of the commerce her mind wandered around the world of fashion silhouettes. She juggled sewing classes and Bcom for she didn’t want to disappoint her parents. “I remember the difficulties that I faced in trying to manage both classes, but now as I think about it was all worth because nothing gives me more pleasure than being a designer”, says Lincy.
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When asked what is the one misconception that most people had about designers, she said “They think it is easy to sketch something and turn it into clothes. Every single outfit is a task in itself. The designer has to understand the fabric limitations and the customers they are catering to. I find it quite challenging to use Indian fabrics to create an Indo-western outfit and I think this is one of the things that every designer will be battling with.”

We bring to you a secret about her. The name Lia is not something that she received from her parents. Well as I said there is a story behind her name. “During my school days, I used to share my designs with my classmates since those days I didn’t know who to turn to, to get advice and reviews on the designs that I created and I asked the only people I knew would give me genuine feedbacks. Once one of my friends wrote ‘Lincy is a great fashion designer’ which started repeating in a lot of the pages of my design book. Slowly they started using the abbreviation of it as LIAGFD and it from here that I got the name, Lia. It was so heartwarming that I am now as addressed as Lia Lincy.

My tie-up with EthnoVogue is what made me more confident with the designs. I now explore every path of designing and am challenging myself with fabrics. This fashion company gave me a chance at chasing me dream so the only that I would like to tell other young designers out there is “Keep practicing what you know and believe in yourself, sooner or later you will be recognized for all your efforts.”

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